Garden Visit: Jardin Marjorelle, Part 2

I’ll admit up front that this post is pretty much just an excuse for me to post pictures of frogs. I’ve managed to contain myself and include just two but trust me, it could of been a lot worse. They’re just too cute!


This post is all about the pond at Jardin Marjorelle. A big part of my Autumn involves setting up a wildlife pond in the south-west corner of my allotment so this was the perfect inspiration.


The pond in the gardens was visible from that covered arch at the the end of my last post. All of the foliage created plenty of shade for our amphibious friends.


There were dozens of frogs sunbathing on lilly pads just like this little guy is. We have already had a frog and newt sighting at the allotment so we know the wildlife is out there waiting for a home.


As much as I would love to have a pond big enough for lilly pads I think it might be slightly impractical in a smaller pond.

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