Clearance – End of Week Two

Phew! What a busy two weeks! The plot is really starting to reveal itself now and my imagination has been in hyperdrive planning the future layout, growing plans and a flower patch (including a wildlife pond, squee!)

The top three beds are cleared of weeds with the fourth bed well on it’s way. The bed second to bottom of this picture will eventually be converted into raised beds which will house the strawberries and a nursery bed. All those bags are full of grass, it’s a shame we can’t compost them as we’d have a full bin already.

End of week two

The raspberries revealed! As they seem to have given up all their fruit already I’m assuming that they’re a Summer fruiting variety and thus the new canes will be the ones to bear fruit next year, as a result I’m not going to trim back any new growth. Once we’re firmly into Autumn and the plants are dormant they’ll be moved into their new spot which will be protected by the fruit cage. Over time they’ll be joined by some blackberry bushes and grape vines as well, Rob has put in a special request for a redcurrent bush as well.

Cleared Raspberry

The bottom end of the plot is looking less impressive. We found some asbestos in amongst the grass and as a result I’m a little wary of diving into this too aggressively


On Saturday I got sick of the sight of weeds so decided to tart up the hedge. For a first time hedge trimmer I don’t think I did too bad a job. I’m not the most dainty creature so I did think it was going to end up a bit lumpy but it’s not too shabby, even if I do say so myself.


The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted some tiny plants in the ground already, they’ll be more on that later.


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